Undergraduate Student Awards Application

Richard T. DeLorm Scholarship

FINANCIAL AWARDS: One $1500.00 award is available through the Nebraska Chapter of ACI for undergraduate study in concrete construction for the upcoming academic year.

REQUIREMENTS: This award is open to any undergraduate student in the State of Nebraska.  The student shall be enrolled in a program in architecture, engineering, construction, or technology during the year for which the award is presented.  The award will be made on the basis of demonstrated interest and ability to work in the field of concrete construction or design.

The student must have a course load of 6 or more credit hours each semester during the period for which the award is made.

Transcripts, recommendations, and an essay must be submitted as outlined on the application form.

SUBMISSION OF "APPLICATION: Application forms may be obtained from the Nebraska Chapter American Concrete Institute, INC., 1425 W. 9th Street, Fremont, NE. 68025, or downloaded from the web site (www.acinebraska.org).  Completed applications must be received no later than Friday, December 13, 2019.  Announcement of the awards will be made at the Nebraska Chapter Annual Meeting in February 2020.

Any undergraduate student enrolled in a college level program in the State of Nebraska, whose primary career objective is work in concrete construction or design may apply for this award.  Based on essays, submitted data, and recommendations, the Education Committee of the Nebraska Chapter of ACI will select a scholarship recipient who appears to have the strongest combination of interest and ability to work in concrete construction.  The scholarship consists of a cash stipend of $1500.00, made in one payment.


The applicant shall meet the following criteria, and shall submit or provide the following information:

  1. At the time of receiving the award (not necessarily at the time of application), the applicant must have attained student status in an undergraduate program in engineering, construction, or technology that prepares the student for a career in concrete construction or design. Students at schools in the State of Nebraska are eligible.

  2. Both full-time and part-time students shall be eligible, provided the student maintains a course load of at least 6 credit hours every semester during the period of the award.

  3. The applicant shall submit a transcript of college credits and at least three letters of appraisal and recommendation from faculty members or former or current employers. At least one letter must be from a faculty member.  The letters should comment on the achievement, career interest, character and leadership of the student.  Each letter of appraisal shall be returned directly to the Nebraska Chapter of ACI Education Committee by the evaluator.  Recommendations sent to the Nebraska Chapter of ACI by the applicant will not be accepted.

  4. Applicant shall also submit an essay of 500 words or less explaining his/her interest, experience, ability, and career objectives as they relate to concrete construction.

  5. Completed or pending course work in concrete construction or technology will be considered. Satisfactory academic records are important, but academic excellence will cause one candidate to be preferred over another only if other factors are equal.

Personal Information

Education - High School

Education - College

Fields of specialization

Reasons for Application

Please answer the following questions.


List name, address, and complete identification of the persons whom you have asked to provide appraisal or recommendations:

Letters of Recommendation

TO APPLICANT: You must have three letters of recommendation.  Please give this evaluation check list to each person you have requested to submit a recommendation.

The evaluators must send letters directly to the Nebraska Chapter American Concrete Institute, Inc., 1425 W. 9th Street, Fremont, NE. 68025, prior to Friday, December 13, 2019.  Recommendations sent to the Chapter by the applicant will not be accepted.

TO EVALUATOR: Your letter of recommendation should be typewritten.  Comments

must cover the following topics, and be received by The Nebraska Chapter of ACI by Friday, December 13, 2019.

  1. Applicant's name.

  2. Applicant's potential for growth in the concrete profession.

  3. Character traits that could contribute to the professional success of the applicant.

  4. Leadership capabilities as demonstrated by the applicant.

  5. Superior performance the applicant has exhibited related to career interests.

  6. Any additional pertinent information.

  7. Your professional relationship to the applicant.

  8. Date, signature, typed name, address.